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Tom Pope – Maritime Advisor/ Adjunct Senior Instructor

Mr. Tom Pope started with OSHA in 1975 as a Compliance and Safety & Health Officer in Norfolk District and Richmond Area. Mr. Pope served as the Norfolk District and Richmond District Supervisor from 1990 – 2006. Mr. Pope serves as the Expert Maritime Instructor for the University of South Florida OTI Training Institute Education Center since 2007.

Accomplishments with ILO/OSHA

Mr. Tom Pope served as the ILO vice chair of the tripartite meeting of experts on Security, Safety and Health in Ports. This meeting was held in Geneva, Switzerland on December 8-17, 2003 and involved international representatives from labor, management and government.  A draft code of practices for safety and health in ports was developed by this work group and approved by the ILO Governing Body in March, 2004.  Mr. Pope was the Acting Chairperson for the final week of the meeting. Mr. Pope served as the co-editor for the machine guarding chapter of the ILO Occupational Safety and Health Encyclopedia


Mr. Pope served as team Leader for the development of OSHA’s etool for shipyards. This was a five year program involving coordination labor, management and contractors to develop this shipyard safety and health tool for CSHO’s shipyard supervisors and workers.  The primary objective of this etool is to give these groups an understanding of safety and health practices for shipyard employment activities. Mr. Pope assisted in developing, scheduling and served as one of the team leaders conducting outreach sessions (20 sessions throughout the USA) to labor and management groups following the promulgation of the Longshoring Standards.

Mr. Pope co-wrote the draft maritime chapter of the Field Operation Manual (FOM); fellow with the OSHA Training Institute providing training for students in the maritime industries. Mr. Pope served  as an expert witness in OSHA cases involving maritime industries and machine guarding issues. Also, Mr. Pope served as the Maritime Coordinator for Enforcement – assisted in developing OSHA’s tool bag directive, training activities for CSHO’s and consistency in enforcing OSHA regulations in shipyards and the marine cargo industries.

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